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Tiny Little Dancer

Static. Commercials. News reports. Bad classical music. Driving through the cornfields of central Illinois there wasn't much to listen to on the radio. I kept hitting seek as the numbers on the screen quickly shuffled. The numbers stopped and for once an actual song started playing. I heard a familiar tune of a piano and as I turned the music up, I discovered it was Elton John's "Tiny Dancer". I cranked the volume all the way up and started bopping around the sound of the piano. For that brief moment, I felt a little happiness inside of me. No one was around me, talking about me, passing judgement on me. I felt free. And so did the baby. The baby became an acrobat inside of me while the song continued to play. I felt the tiny hands and feet jab my stomach to the beat of the song. This was the most movement I had felt thus far being pregnant. I took this as a sign as this baby was meant to be here on this Earth. This was a bonding time for me and my baby. I will neve…

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